Ariel Atom Bucket Seat Track Day Kit

Designed for Gen 1/Gen 2 Atoms manufactured between 2011-2016:
Replaces Standard OEM Twin-Seat Unit
Allows Separate Seat Movements for Both Driver and Passenger:
Permits Installation of Full Safety Harness


With the explosion in track day action across the UK, specialist equipment like the Ariel Atom is becoming more and more popular. Corbeau are pleased to offer our exclusive Ariel Atom upgrade kit, tailored specifically to boost driver confidence and safety.

This upgrade kit replaces the standard OEM twin sliding seats and runners to allow the new composite bucket seats to slide independently of each other.

The advantages of our motorsport derived composite seats over the standard moulded plastic seat are threefold; being independently adjustable for the driver/passenger, increased lateral support and improved seating position plus the latest selection of high density impact foams and jacquard fabrics – all of which add up to a significant improvement in both driver comfort and chassis feedback, allowing you to push harder and extract the maximum potential from both yourself and the Atom.

Our Atom kit has been designed for Gen 1 & 2 Models that were manufactured between 2011-2016. We are currently developing a Gen 3 kit for vehicles manufactured from 2016-Present.